About Us

When Experience Matters

If you are thinking about starting an investigation, chances are, someone has broken your trust. Whether your case is a domestic or corporate one, you probably feel betrayed and vulnerable. The last thing you need is a private investigator who promises something they can't deliver. Crucial Investigations is a company built on trust. You can trust us with your case and feel confident that we will conduct the bet possible investigation to find out the truth. We don't guarantee anything we can't deliver. But we do guarantee the best investigative services available.

Dan Garrett

Dan Garrett is a former SC State Trooper who is well known and respected in the community. He has over 25 years experience as a Private Investigator specializing in all areas of domestic and corporate investigations. His proven track record and experience enable him to give your issues the individualized attention they require as no two cases are alike.

Frances Garrett

Frances Garrett received her BA in Finance from the University of Central Florida and is a licensed Private Investigator with over 8 years experience in all areas of domestic and corporate investigations.  She specializes in research and background/asset searches.